Wills & Probate

lastwillThere is only one guarantee in life and that is that we will all die – hopefully after a long and happy life. But if you were to die tomorrow would your family be adequately provided for?

Would your Estate be divided as you would wish? There is a common misconception that spouses will be adequately provided for if you die without making a Will, this is not always the case. The only way to ensure your Estate is divided and your loved ones properly provided for as you wish is to have a valid Will. We can assist you in drafting/executing your Will and will store it for you free of charge. We draft straightforward single and mirror wills (for couples) for a fixed fee. We also draft more complex wills involving trusts where necessary for example to protect your home from care home fees or to ensure that a vulnerable or disabled child is properly provided for.

We can advise on inheritance tax and its potential impact on your assets which you may wish to consider when drafting your will.

Probate & Administration of Estates

If you have assets of over £15,000 whether you leave a Will or not a formal application to the Probate Registry for a Grant of Probate will need to be applied for or assets will remain frozen. Estates can be complex. There may be tax issues. You may feel overwhelmed, not only with grief, but also by the procedure, forms and applications. We can help you with the administration of any Estate no matter how large or small. We offer friendly, practical advice that can be easily understood. You can then decide how you wish to progress the administration of the Estate and can undertake as much or as little of the work as you want to and we can complete the rest.

We only charge for the work that we do. We do not charge a percentage of the value of an Estate as some other firms will do.